Esk River series

Inspired by the reflections and recovery of the plants and trees along the Esk river of Bunjalung National Park after the bushfires. Exploring by dinghy after recent rains I observed and photographed this very special place. These works are acrylic on canvas.

The first ‘Waterlilies on the Esk river ‘ painting was exhibited at Coldstream Gallery as part of the ‘Our Clarence’ exhibition (Plunge Festival)

Life Drawing Groups

On Saturday 27th March, I facilitated a successful Life Drawing workshop in Iluka free to the community. Sponsored by Grafton Regional Gallery and Clarence Valley Council, 15 participants enjoyed a 2 hour session. I provided all the equipment, materials and was ably assisted by Claire a professional and lovely model as well as my artist friend Jackie. Drawing exercises followed by short poses and ending with longer poses gave everyone a chance to explore different paper, charcoal and pastels. Some poses were enhanced by interesting props.

Clarence Valley Plunge Festival –

Life Drawing Soiree 8th April at my private studio in Iluka 5-8pm A relaxed session to music with a glass of bubbles and nibbles on arrival. All materials provided. $50 phone 0402330244

I am now facilitating a regular Life Drawing group in Iluka. This is once a fortnight on a Thursday afternoon/evening. If interested phone 0402330244 or email

LUKA LIFE DRAWING GROUP – Every 2nd Thursday 1-3pm

Come and practice life drawing in an informal setting with fellow art lovers!
Open to all levels, from first timers to experienced artists.

Costs: $25 session. (pay for 4 sessions and the 5th one is FREE)

Includes: Live model, glass of wine and drawing boards (if needed)
Please bring your own paper and drawing materials. But don’t worry if you forget or don’t own yet – I have spare paper, pastels/charcoal for you as well as a couple of easels
Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session.
Iluka Scout Hall, Spenser St, Iluka ( near the boat ramp)
Book with Linda 0402330244
Thursday 20th May, 3rd June, 17th June, 1st July, 15th July, 29th July, 13th August…. 1 to 3pm

What is Pique Assiette Mosaic?

I discovered a while back what type of mosaic I do! It’s called Pique Assiette Mosaic!

In the late 19th or early 20th century puttywork or pique assiette pedestal
Pique Assiette (/piːˈkeɪ æsiˈɛt/; French [pikasjɛt]) is a form of art similar to mosaic but specifically uses broken plates and the like arranged in patterns or designs. Pique assiette is a style of mosaic that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics—plates, dishes, cups, tiles—and other found objects into the design. The appeal and expressiveness of pique assiette lies in the ideas of lateral thinking, humour, recycling, and the significance of the found objects.

This form of art is believed to have been originally introduced by Raymond Edouard Isadore, known as the “father of French pique assiette”. He discovered his bits of colored glass and pottery in the fields surrounding his house in Chartres, outside of Paris, and spent his life covering every surface of the inside and outside of the house and his garden area. He supplemented his shards with stuff from auctions, quarries and the public dump. His home is a popular tourist attraction and is known as “Maison Picassiette”.

Process of creating a mosaic

Pique assiette Mosaic making is fun and has a whimsical feel. It’s akin to meditation at times as it takes time collect, gather and create. Breaking the china with a hammer creates unpredictable pieces. Playing with patterns, shapes and colours in my own jigsaw way is an instinctive spontaneous not entirely planned process.

I had a large rectangular mirror with a frame stored in the shed so I began choosing pieces to go on it. I was thinking about blues pinks white and gold and began arranging the pieces as I glued each one with a silicon gun. The pieces to be grouted generally have to be flat on the bottom so I pull a lot of jewellery apart.

After I had completely covered the area around the mirror, I waited a day or so before grouting. Grouting is messy and I wear gloves. This is also so I don’t cut myself on the broken china.

To mix the grout powder with water it’s important to get the correct consistency a bit like toothpaste. After carefully covering the mosaic pieces with the black grout, I smoothed it with a wet rag. Next I used cotton buds to find the pieces of jewellery to clean out the intricate bits. The grout then as to semi dry for an hour or two. Next is the hard work of cleaning, using an old toothbrush, a sweeper brush and rags. It’s like excavation!

This process takes a long time.

The next part I love. This is where I add the bling and jewellery with a silicon gun. Sometimes I arrange the strings of pearls etc and sometimes I allow them to fall to create their own pattern. Old brooches and earrings, pendants and watches were added to create more texture and pattern. The diamanté skull is my favourite!

And now ‘Princess Funk’ is hanging in my community gallery The Iluka Emporium.

Prints of my Seascapes and Magpies available now

A4 Prints in mounts 30 x 35 Cm with backing board ready to frame or perfect as a gift. $35 each plus postage $15 within Australia. (Several can fit in a post bag)

1 print with postage $50,

2 prints with postage $85 3 prints with postage $120

4 prints with postage $155


Go to Lindas PayPal account

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1. Birds on the rocks
2. Bird at Bluff
3. Sunrise at Sea
4. Fishing at Bluff
5. Feet and pandanus on the beach
6. Anchored in paradise
7. Dinghy
8. Pandanus
9. Boats on the river
10. Lombok rice fields
11. Feet up relax
12. Pandanus at Bluff
13. Girl on the beach
14. Fishing rod on the beach
15. Mr Plod
16, Mr Plod
17. Mr Plod
18. Mr Plod
19. Mr Plod
20.Mr Plod

Cards with my Artwork available on line

LARGE A5 Cards with prints of my Original Artwork. (210x148mm) Postage flat rate $12 within Australia

Wollumbin Series

8 large cards $70
6 large cards $55
With envelopes

Tropical garden series

5 large cards $50 with envelopes

Magpie series

6 large cards $55 with envelopes

Payment details

Lindas PayPal account

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Card choice – Wollumbin 8 $70 Wollumbin 6 $55 Tropical Garden 5 $50 Magpie 6 $55 plus Postage flat rate $12