Mr Plod the Magpie

I’ve been staying with my daughter and she has a friendly magpie named Mr Plod who visits and hangs around several times a day. He sings and watches the family and even joins in when family members play instruments and sing. Of course he enjoys a feed too. I played around using an ink pen, gouache and acrylic paint. Some are done from life and a couple from photos and watching him at the same time.

‘ Celebrating Green’ at Iluka Emporium

Friday 13th was the day. Thanks to my husband Bill for hanging my work due to my temporary disability of a broken leg! Thank you to friends who popped in to take a look and enjoy a glass of wine.

“‘Celebrating Green’ is my response to the recent rains in northern NSW after months of severe drought and catastrophic bushfires. My garden and surrounding bushland is green and lush once more and the wildlife are once again daily visitors. I paint from my back verandah from life, what I see and feel spontaneously playing with colour and line. Mt Wollumbin is a prominent feature, sometimes hidden by cloud but always mesmerising.”

Linda Frylink Anderson

Painting, Drawing, Pique Assiette Mosaic, Writing

Exhibiting member of Iluka Emporium Inc.,


Phone : 0402330244

Facebook : Scribbling Barefoot & Mosaic Art

Instagram : Scribbling Barefoot

Meet Linda on Friday 13th March at Iluka Emporium, 61 Charles St Iluka 9 – 3pm