France, Holland and Egypt

13B32286-4F22-47DA-A10D-388BFF277557609F1230-49C5-4BF4-994D-09CB053799CF6BD3E500-1B6B-4CF6-A352-A6BC272B695B1F137CF8-69D1-4C8F-B62D-5177267BEE27A10577C6-2CAE-4E04-BDF0-B98859AA6CA64F24AA9F-244B-4CB5-8624-8C1FCECE0FF2638014BA-D247-4832-BD9A-F691008D18C8BD0DF9DB-AF9A-4147-9B33-C9B671CB599530D8CA82-76DA-4852-AB79-D18769DD7D61D35CCD0E-74D1-4B00-9F6F-E39007B3D697182BEF76-8F63-4E46-8F6D-FC62BACF502674D69E23-0722-4795-85DF-7D04522926AEB06DB745-9B18-490F-BACE-E781C663E108F94B3E25-4776-4064-BF8B-84FE6C4D68C012503A52-5F6F-4F5D-B06A-64AC17DCB82250C5EF7B-C64D-4E81-BF3C-4860B951B37E47BAC127-29E7-449F-A358-918F950E37324A68F6E1-1114-452D-9440-0A4471E2BAE350230E35-48DE-4D4D-BEB8-9C1B0206A394B650B39F-02E7-43BA-9627-D92FE02009D20E08CAA9-A117-4E12-B275-FE21B4A932E9ED15DFC2-A002-40F9-9269-442B781F2C7BB4226839-01F2-4316-99F0-7D4787C6ADEB7FC45C14-203B-4B52-A85E-751934B1CD1BC1FA3BDB-01D7-4267-884D-ADC607450F9CDDB012BB-0251-4622-BA13-8FA5D2F71E3FE8A738CC-B640-458A-807D-874980AE48AEA collection of gouache and ink drawings on water colour paper. I had the immense pleasure of drawing and painting in 2 Life Drawing sessions in Montmartre in Paris. Egypt presented many historical and artistic sites for drawing. The camel in front of the pyramids is my favourite.

Published by lindafrylinkanderson

I am an Artist, Adventurer, Author and Teacher who wears sarongs. I love to draw from life, sail around the world and have written 2 books: 1. Sailing in my Sarong - a 30 year dream 2. Salvage in my Sarong - The Mediterranean Dream in a rescued boat. See my website : Or email me :

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