Cards with my Artwork available on line

LARGE A5 Cards with prints of my Original Artwork. (210x148mm) Postage flat rate $12 within Australia

Wollumbin Series

8 large cards $70
6 large cards $55
With envelopes

Tropical garden series

5 large cards $50 with envelopes

Magpie series

6 large cards $55 with envelopes

Payment details

Lindas PayPal account

Go to,

type in the amount, log in to your PayPal account, and where it says ‘ADD A NOTE please put in: your card choice, your address and send!

Card choice – Wollumbin 8 $70 Wollumbin 6 $55 Tropical Garden 5 $50 Magpie 6 $55 plus Postage flat rate $12

Published by lindafrylinkanderson

I am an Artist, Adventurer, Author and Teacher who wears sarongs. I love to draw from life, sail around the world and have written 2 books: 1. Sailing in my Sarong - a 30 year dream 2. Salvage in my Sarong - The Mediterranean Dream in a rescued boat. See my website : Or email me :

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