I’ve been fascinated by mermaids for a long time. On the Clarence river in Iluka sits a concrete mermaid at the end of the fishing boat harbour. She looks out to sea. Created in memory of a fisherman who died, she’s been transformed over the years with different paint jobs and now sports a shiny mosaic tail.

I’ve completed several paintings of her. These 2 are the latest. I the long painting I have shared the stages I went through until I was happy with it. Both are acrylic on canvas.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Final stage
Iluka Mermaid 1 – ages going into an exhibition at Grafton Gallery in November

Esk River series

Inspired by the reflections and recovery of the plants and trees along the Esk river of Bunjalung National Park after the bushfires. Exploring by dinghy after recent rains I observed and photographed this very special place. These works are acrylic on canvas.

The first ‘Waterlilies on the Esk river ‘ painting was exhibited at Coldstream Gallery as part of the ‘Our Clarence’ exhibition (Plunge Festival)