Process of creating a mosaic

Pique assiette Mosaic making is fun and has a whimsical feel. It’s akin to meditation at times as it takes time collect, gather and create. Breaking the china with a hammer creates unpredictable pieces. Playing with patterns, shapes and colours in my own jigsaw way is an instinctive spontaneous not entirely planned process.

I had a large rectangular mirror with a frame stored in the shed so I began choosing pieces to go on it. I was thinking about blues pinks white and gold and began arranging the pieces as I glued each one with a silicon gun. The pieces to be grouted generally have to be flat on the bottom so I pull a lot of jewellery apart.

After I had completely covered the area around the mirror, I waited a day or so before grouting. Grouting is messy and I wear gloves. This is also so I don’t cut myself on the broken china.

To mix the grout powder with water it’s important to get the correct consistency a bit like toothpaste. After carefully covering the mosaic pieces with the black grout, I smoothed it with a wet rag. Next I used cotton buds to find the pieces of jewellery to clean out the intricate bits. The grout then as to semi dry for an hour or two. Next is the hard work of cleaning, using an old toothbrush, a sweeper brush and rags. It’s like excavation!

This process takes a long time.

The next part I love. This is where I add the bling and jewellery with a silicon gun. Sometimes I arrange the strings of pearls etc and sometimes I allow them to fall to create their own pattern. Old brooches and earrings, pendants and watches were added to create more texture and pattern. The diamanté skull is my favourite!

And now ‘Princess Funk’ is hanging in my community gallery The Iluka Emporium.

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