Colours of Morocco now showing in Lismore

‘Colours of Morocco’ is now on show at Communities Hub Art Space, 88 Keen st (upstairs) Lismore. The gallery is open Mon-Fri 12-4 and Saturday 10-1.

I flew to Marrakech to join a small group of like minded souls lead by Australian artist Wendy Sharpe. Gouache is a new medium for me and I experimented with it for the first time painting from a model dressed in traditional clothes in Skoura, Atlas Mountains.

You will see further examples of my work using gouache, pens and pastels painting and drawing from life as we toured some wonderfully exotic locations. I will add a few photos of subjects I didn’t have time to paint.

Published by lindafrylinkanderson

I am an Artist, Adventurer, Author and Teacher who wears sarongs. I love to draw from life, sail around the world and have written 2 books: 1. Sailing in my Sarong - a 30 year dream 2. Salvage in my Sarong - The Mediterranean Dream in a rescued boat. See my website : Or email me :

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