‘Twins’ – the painting with a story

How it was….How it is now….

I first painted ‘Twins’ 10 years ago. Using acrylic and pastel on canvas I began painting from a model. Once the model left I decided to paint another one of her so there were now 2 women side by side. When I showed her the painting the following week she went pale and said. “I had a twin sister who was a still birth. ” I didn’t know she had a twin at birth so this painting always had a special meaning to me. Today I decided while I was at Cawongla Art Studio that I would add some more colour using goauche. It’s always a risk as I didn’t want to spoil the original work. I think it’s more vibrant now.

Published by lindafrylinkanderson

I am an Artist, Adventurer, Author and Teacher who wears sarongs. I love to draw from life, sail around the world and have written 2 books: 1. Sailing in my Sarong - a 30 year dream 2. Salvage in my Sarong - The Mediterranean Dream in a rescued boat. See my website : www.valiam.com.au Or email me : valiam1@hotmail.com

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